153X136 Office Facility

153X136 Office Facility

Doors & Windows (Size Varies) & Directional Skylights
Offices/Restrooms/Break Rooms/Server Room/File Rooms

National Interagency Fire Center

18,061 Sq. Ft. Single-Story Office
Building Located in Boise, ID


This building was built as a sustainable and high-performance office for the Bureau of Land Management National Interagency Fire Center.

•7 Suites 17 offices
•6 file/records rooms
•6 conference rooms
•6 storage/custodian rooms
•2 break rooms

Special Features

The building layout uses a central double-loaded corridor design serving seven different secure department suites branching to each side of the corridor.
Each suite utilizes an open floor plan designed with the manager's offices, secure records, and conference areas in dedicated interior located rooms.