14X72 INL Comm Building

14X72 INL Comm Building

48X80/36X80 Doors & 48X36 Windows
Offices/Break Area/Custom HVAC System

INL Communication Building

1,008 Sq. Ft. Specialty Communications
Located INL Site Arco, ID


This project represented challenges that required heavy electrical. Steel perimeter chassis with fire rated decking, Type II B noncombustible construction.

•Noncombustible construction
•Heavy electrical
•High Security
•Specialized lighting
•3 individual heat cool systems

Special Features

Tape texture paint finish over a non-combustible building frame.
All walls requiring 2 layers of 5/8 gyp on both sides for non-combustible fire rating.
Exterior finish was made up of heavy gauge metal. Galvanized metal was used under floor joists.
Heavy security equipment was required on all entries.
High-grade electrical components for data and equipment were required.
Custom heat cool equipment making a redundant HVAC System