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Discover the easiest way to add onto your school

Northwest Building Systems understands the importance of quality in the classroom. Our modular buildings provide affordable relocatable classrooms for expansion and emergency situations. Permanent campuses can be erected with minimal on-site disturbance. Our buildings can be used for a variety of purposes in the educational settings including:

•Computer Labs
•Gym facilities
•Multi-purpose rooms
•Development centers

Meet the increasing demand for education

When you grow too quickly, continue teaching without interruption with help from Northwest Building Systems. Our Modular buildings are:

Quick to build: The construction process of your custom modular building is done using our indoor streamlined process.
Efficient: While the site is being set up your building is simultaneously being built by our highly skill team of construction experts.
Easy to build: With our strict safety guidelines and code compliant enforcement measures in place, you wont need to worry about construction hiccups or delays.

Meet the needs of your students by allowing us to provide you with a high quality building so you can provide a high quality education. Discuss your campus's needs with our experts by calling us today.

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