Don't Let Slow Construction Delay Your Project

Rapid, reliable and risk-free construction service is at your fingertips

Going modular offers the type of solutions government agencies like yours are searching for. For instance, modular construction allows you to increase construction speed without compromising quality. Between 60-90% of your project will be completed off-site, so site work and construction can occur simultaneously.

NWBS has worked with numerous government agencies on both the federal and state level.

Offering extensive experience in building for government entities

If you're searching for a way to complete a more efficient, cost-effective construction project, you've come to the right company. Choosing a modular construction company for your project lets you...

  • Reduce personnel access to your secure site
  • Shorten your project's construction timeline
  • Maintain the same quality standards of on-site construction
Northwest Building Systems has years of experience working with government entities. Our team knows the standards you want to meet and the speed you expect. Call 208-344-3527 today to learn more about our construction timelines.