Don't Let Traditional Slow Construction Delay Your Project

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NWBS has vast experience in working with various state and federal government departments including, the Airforce, Waste Management, Emergency Services, and the Energy Department. We understand that Government has unique requirements that include tight schedules and budgetary constraints. We are well versed in managing these constraints to produce high-quality buildings that are cost-efficient, safely made, and delivered on time!

Going modular offers the type of solutions that government agencies want and need. For instance, modular construction allows you to increase construction speed without compromising quality. Between 60-90% of your project will be completed off-site, so that site work and construction can occur simultaneously.

Offering extensive experience in building for government entities

If you're searching for a way to complete a more efficient, cost-effective project, you've come to the right company. Choosing our Modular construction company for your project will allow you to...

  • Shorten your project's construction timeline
  • Reduce personnel access to your secure site
  • Lessen the impact of construction on your department
  • Maintain a superior quality standard of construction
Northwest Building Systems has years of experience working with government entities, and our team knows how to meet and exceed your projects budget and deadline. Call us today to learn more about our construction timelines.

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