60X46 Commercial Kitchen/Dining Facility

60X46 Commercial Kitchen/Dining Facility

36X80/ 72X80 Doors & 48X36/36X36 Windows
Entry/Office/Dining Area/Kitchen/Restrooms/W.H.

Midas Gold Bunk House

5,568 sf Luxury Bunkhouse
Located in Stibnite, ID


Remote location called for building's to be built in smaller sections for building to make it to the site. The completed building has 30 individual sleeping rooms. Large bathroom, laundry and locker sections. Due to high elevation the building called for a heavy roof/floor load as well as electrical connections to be made to generator.

•Extremely heavy roof load
•Dual roof of .60 mil EPDM and Metal.
•Restrooms with showers.
•Separate Locker room with shower and urinals.
•Multi appliance Laundry room.
•30 individual rooms with beds and locking free standing wardrobes.

Special Features

Full sprinkler system with alarm.
Individual rooms for employees
Built for comfort as employees stay for extended periods of time.
Convienent laundryroom with folding stations.
Individual privacy baths with showers.
Large capacity hot water system.
2 hour fire seperation
Individual room conditioning.
Large mud / locker room at entrance